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Welcome Back 876 - Admin Night

posted 10 Sep 2018, 20:11 by 876 Training
The CO, Staff and SSC would like to welcome everyone back to a new training year 876 LA!

To start off the year, we will resume our regular Wednesday parade nights with an Administration Night on 12 Sep 18.
This is still a MANDATORY night for all returning cadets and transferring cadets from other units.
You are requested to bring your parents as there are several stations they will be required for.
During the night you will go through each of our departments for the following:

1. Admin 
- Annual Validation Forms (Parents required)
- Flight assignments

2. Training
- Training file verifications
- Clarify any training related matters

3. Supply 
- Uniform issues such as replacement parts

4. Squadron Sponsoring Committee
- Registration Fee and OPC Lottery Ticket Books
- Registration fee this year will remain as $60 with an additional $60 as a deposit for the Lottery Ticket books which you will earn back when you sell the book. In total you or your parents will be required to pay $120 during the Admin Night
- Information will be provided to parents regarding upcoming events and our Fall Tagging session

5. Optional Team Sign-Ups
- Band, Drill Team, Sports, Flying Scholarship, Orienteering, and Range
- Those interested in joining any of the above teams can sign-up

Dress: C2B (Light blue short sleeve)

We look forward to seeing everyone and are excited to kick-off another great training year. We have a lot of great activities planned for this year!