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Squadron Standing Orders

876 Lincoln Alexander Squadron, Royal Canadian Air Cadets’ Standing Orders (hereafter called Squadron Standing Orders - SSOs) are issued under the authority of the Commanding Officer (CO). 


Squadron Standing Orders are regulations pertaining to the personnel, administration, operation, supply, and finances of 876 Lincoln Alexander Squadron. 

These orders are meant to amplify regulations issued under Queen’s Regulations and Orders for the Canadian Armed Forces (QR & O’s), Canadian Forces Administrative Orders (CFAO’s), Cadet Training and Administrative Orders (CATO’s), Central Region Cadet Orders (CRCO’s) and Central Region Cadet Instructions (CRCI’s). The Commanding Officer shall be the final authority for interpretation and enforcement of Squadron Standing Orders. These orders are effective upon receipt and are applicable to all officers, civilian staff and cadets involved with 876 Lincoln Alexander, Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron (RCACS). 

Copies of these orders will be made readily accessible to all members of 876 Lincoln Alexander RCCS for review and reference, and will also be made available by electronic form. It is the responsibility of the individual to make themselves aware of the content of the orders and to keep current with amendments.

Visitors to the squadron are also subject to these orders and it is incumbent upon those members who are hosting visitors and transient personnel to advise them of those orders which apply in each case. 

These orders will be reviewed annually and updated as required. These orders continue to be developed. Additions and revisions may be made during the training year. Revisions and additions will be provided to all personnel and will be effective immediately upon publication. All requests to amend the SSOs shall be submitted in writing to the CO.


Capt B. Fernando
Commanding Officer
876 Lincoln Alexander RCACS

Commanding Officer,
11 Sep 2018, 18:29