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WRO 03 Dec 18 to 09 Dec 18

posted 3 Dec 2018, 15:40 by 876 Training

Mon 03 Dec 18
Ground School
Timing: 1900hr to 2130hr

Wed 05 Dec 18
Training Night 

CAF Member Dress: No.3C
Cadet Dress: C4
Recruit Dress:  White dress shirt, black pants

Thurs 06 Dec 18 18
Drill Team
Timing: 1830hr to 2000hr  
Timing:   2000hr to 2130hr 

Sat 08 Dec 18
Warplane Heritage Museum

Time: 0800-1700hrs
Location: Meet @ Lester B. Pearson No Later Than (NLT) 0800hrs
                Parents Pick up cadets @ Lester B. Pearson No Later Than (NLT) 1700hrs
Dress: C2 + Parka (Civi jacket if not issued a parka)