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WROs Apr 30 to May 6

posted 28 Apr 2018, 13:34 by 876 Training
Weekly Routine

Mon Apr 30

Time:1830 - 2100 hrs
Location: Cedarwood Public School
Dress: Civies

Wed May 2

Training Night - CO's Parade

CAF Member Dress: 3B
Cadet Dress: C4
Recruit Dress:  White dress shirt, black pants 

Level 3 - IT Mutuals and Aviation Assessment make-up 
Level 4 - IT Evaluations

Thurs May 3

Drill team Practice

Time:1830-2000 hrs
Location: Lester B Person
Dress: Civies 

Sports team Practice
Time:2000 - 2130hrs
Location: Lester B Person
Dress: Civies -sports clothing (no tank tops, jean or outdoor shoes)

Friday May 4  
Op Wilderness - FTX

Departure @ 1730 hrs
Location - Lester B Pearson

Check the Kit list on the announcement page 

Cadets without the correct Kit will not be permitted to board the bus.

Sat May 5
Op Wilderness - FTX

Sun May 6  
Op Wilderness - FTX

Arrive @ 1600hrs
Location - Lester B Pearson