Dress codes / Uniform basics

Uniform Fundamentals

Uniform / Dress

Your issued uniform comes in many variations of wear. When wearing your uniform you must follow what the rest of the squadron is wearing. In order to simplify this, variations of dress are numbered as shown in the images.

Badge and pin placements

The smallest of details like the straightening of pins, name tags or badge placements all add up into making a sharp uniform.

hair standards

Having a proper haircut ensures the cadet to look sharp and well dressed in his her uniform.


Along with your haircut, part of the Air Cadet uniform includes properly wearing its headdress.

Heres a quick video on how to wear your wedge!

How to wear your wedge.mov

how to tie a tie

All cadets should know how to tie a tie. Keeping a tie in a flawless arrow shape makes the cadet wearing the uniform aware of its professionalism.

How to tie a tie.mp4

how to wear

  • How to wear your belt

How to wear your belt.mov

how to polish boots

Your cadet issued boots are only one part of your uniform that can either make you look amazing or either look sloppy. To look amazing a cadet should have a bit of care in his/her boots by which the staff and NCOs notice by the shininess of your boots.

  • How to polish your boots

  • How to lace your boots

How to polish your boots.mov
How to lace your boots.mov


Ironing your issued pants and dress shirt are all part of making up a uniform up to standards

  • How to iron your tunic

  • How to iron your dress shirt

  • How to iron your pants

How to iron your tunic.mov
How to Iron a Dress Shirt.MP4
How to iron your pants.mp4

Measuring Instructions

Measuring instructions_Cadet_FTU_parents(1).pdf