The 2021 Air Cadet League of Canada Ontario Provincial Committee Lottery

The 2021 Air Cadet League of Canada – Ontario’s annual lottery is now open. It is an exciting year as the lottery has moved online, which will not only help to manage logistics, it helps provide the ability to reach more people.

Here is a summary of everything you need to know to make this year’s lottery a success:

  • The ticket price is $10

  • $70,000 in cash prizes, including a $5,000 early bird prize·

  • Grand prize draw date: April 30th @ 11:00 am (Tickets must be purchased by 10:00 am)

  • Mandatory Lottery Allotment Amounts can be found here

  • Mandatory fees are $30 per AVG strength.

  • Only 3 ticket per AVG strength need to be sold to reach mandatory amounts.

  • Purchases can only be made in Ontario.

  • Tracking your SSCs progress can be done VIA the stats page here

  • Each SSC has its own URL that can be found here. As a substitute to utilizing and the purchaser selecting your squadron

  • Promotion is a shared responsibility of the OPC, SSC, its supporters, and squadron members

  • No paperwork or logistics

Did you know that the SSC receives a squadron share for every ticket sold?

For every ticket sold up to the SSC mandatory allotment SSCs will receive $4.16.

For every ticket sold over the mandatory allotment SSCs will receive $5.82 towards local cadet programming.

How to sell lottery tickets: Let’s talk about promotion! Since we have moved online there are so many ways to promote the lottery:

  • Encouraging the parents to purchase a ticket

  • Post on the SSCs Social Media Pages

  • Have the cadets draft an e-mail to all of their family members (if they are outside of Ontario, have the cadets’ parents or SSC facilitate the purchase)

      • This is also a great skill to develop.

  • Have the parents share on their social media to support the squadron

  • SSC to e-mail all past members, alumni, and supporters to purchase a ticket

  • Have the cadets post on their social media pages requesting support from family and friends (18+)

  • Post details on local Facebook groups - Kinsmen, Legion, etc...

  • Have someone who is apart of the clubs promote on your SSCs behalf

  • Do a call blitz to the people who always support you

      • Use this as a touch base and have a conversation with them

  • Social media posting

      • Think beyond your page, think about all of the subgroups you and your supporters are apart of.

  • Don’t forget to have people tag your local squadron and the @ACLOPC

Click here to access some support materials to get you going.

Check back often for more updates.

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If you have any additional questions, send us an e-mail.

Q: How will our squadron get credit for the ticket purchase?

A: During the checkout process purchasers are instructed to select a squadron to receive credit.

Q: How will our SSC keep track of how many tickets have been sold?

A: The OPC will have weekly reports available for all SSCs to see the number of tickets sold and credited to them. They can view the report here

Q: Under restrictions of the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) transaction can only be purchased by people that are physically in Ontario. Are they allowed to purchase tickets?

A: They are not able to purchase tickets, but may receive tickets as gifts.