Duke of Edinburgh Award

Duke of Ed Award


The Award challenges young Canadians to develop skills and tools to improve themselves and their communities by encouraging them to go beyond their comfort zone. Many young people, through lack of confidence, opportunity or education, feel incapable of affecting real change in their communities. Our unique framework is designed to help them discover that they are more capable and powerful than they ever dreamed.

Mission Statement

To ensure all people in Canada are aware of the Award, the life skills it brings and, through strong delivery partners, have the opportunity to participate

Young people in Canada from ALL backgrounds and life circumstances equipped as individuals to succeed in life.

The vision is simple to understand: whoever you are, wherever you come from and whatever you define as success, the Award can be used to help you develop essential skills that only come through experience. As a young person, a high school diploma, college certificate or university degree shows your technical prowess. An Award certificate testifies to your “character” and represents the life skills you have developed, including confidence, a sense of purpose, resilience, problem solving, compassion and respect for diversity.

Three Aims Of The Program

  1. Expand Access

Improve access for new and diverse groups of young people, removing barriers to participation

  1. Extend Reach

Increase the social infrastructure and geographic reach, taking the Award to our audiences

  1. Strengthen Impact

Improve the impact and quality of delivery, proving we are the program we say we are

Award in Canada

The Award was officially launched to Canadian Youth in 1963. Enrolment grew gradually but steadily. By November 1964, the very first Bronze and Silver Award recipients were honoured in Ontario, Quebec and New Brunswick. In 1966, the first Gold Award Ceremony was held in Ottawa. His Royal Highness, The Prince Philip presented 18 recipients with their Gold Awards. Over the years the Award program took root in Canada and an estimated 500,000 young Canadians have since benefited from the program. Download a history of The Award in Canada from 1963 to present.

Global award

As soon it launched in the United Kingdom, The Award quickly spread and was soon running in many schools and youth groups outside of the British Commonwealth. The unique composition of the Award program is made it easy to be adapted and integrated into many different cultures and societies. To find out more the global reach of the Award visit The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Foundation.

How to sign up?

Go to the sign up site on dukeofed.org

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